06 May 2016


Having to create your own desired crib sounded so exciting and challenging. Piles of junk eventually stored in my room without me realizing that I had too much. What a perfect time to clean up rather than hibernating in front of laptop screen watching youtube videos. Not to say that spending time on youtube is bad, but making use of it as an inspiration platform is somewhat 
practical, provided acting upon them. With the choker mode that is seen displaying in most shops, I too, am inclining towards loving them as much as those in the 90s era. I don't know about you, but chokers complete a look edgily- especially if you don't feel comfortable in heavy necklaces like me. I used to avoid wearing white outfits but since I found lots of inspiration online, white seemed to be a cool colour to rock. I may look like wearing a doctor's uniform, but trust me, I truly love them whether in trousers or tops. Especially amazing to throw on on a sunny day everyday. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in advance, you're the best gift sent by God ;)

Wearing: F21 crop top, DIY lace choker, vintage collared blouse

All photos by Phoe



  1. Love this outfit!!! Love the touch of white! <3

    SHAIRA // National Art Gallery

  2. those jeanies! ♥

    Claudia, xx

    1. Yay they're timeless! Thanks for dropping by, Claudia ;D


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