10 June 2016

Back In Time

Summer break ended with a glimpse of sweet moments with my family. 3 weeks of holiday seemed inadequate once you have plans with family, friends and/or yourself. Utilising the holidays to sleep in extra hours(1-2 hours) wasn't really a bad excuse if you deprived of sleep during study period. I found it somewhat relaxing to recharge my strength even though my body doesn't necessarily need it. Another fun way to occupy my holidays are exploring good food around town with family. It's a good exercise for your jaw and gums as well as leg muscles... this showed how much I'm attached to food. You don't have to go for the extreme, tbh. Sometimes, I try out new recipes with my family for fun slash intending to reuse the same recipe(if successful) for the next festival seasons. 
To update on my reading plan, I'm reading The Diary Of A Young Girl by Anne Frank. It's a beautiful writing of a 13 year old girl documenting her life and her family during war time in Holland. She writes vividly about her 2 years journey in the war before she died which impressed and surprises me a lot. Not giving out too much, its a heart-wrenching book. I styled another 90's inspired, vintage look with stripes and brown colour tone. This reminds me of myself when I was a child. Now, I shall return to my revision for a test next week. Happy Weekend! 

Wearing: Uniqlo shirt, H&M corduroy skirt, Camel boots

All photos by Phoe



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