24 June 2016

May/June Photo Diary | 2016

WARNING: This post contains lusts of food that may cause devouring at any unusual time. First and foremost, try to swallow your saliva as many times as you can to prevent the desire of finding snacks. I hope you will not skip this post after reading the warning because I want to share with you the little bits and pieces of my moments throughout may june. From your understanding of the history of my photo diaries, I seldom post a lot of food pictures on my blog but I overly snapped these 2 months. So, I reckoned I would share the food places that I'd enjoyed- and perhaps you will too! 

Skyline from the top of a local mall car park. 

I'm trying to duplicate the new emoji. Does this counts as a weird talent?

Basically, every-day. 

Food diary portion 

High Bread breakfast set. If you're looking for a decent and affordable english breakfast locally, you might consider this place ;)

Homemade chicken wrap. This is the first trial of making a wrap and it turned out really good. *self pat*

Sharing Planet's fish and chips. This was favourably huge portion of food but i prefer their ceasar salad more-which apparently is not in this photo ;*

山城 板麺 (flat flour noodle). A Hakka-style noodle-which isn't clearly visible in this photo. Apologise for the poor photographing skills. Taste amazing and hope to have another bowl soon. 

Coffee Obsession. The cafe smells of the aroma of coffee. A cool place to chill.
I have things for lights, if you don't know. 

Another lightings.

A chocolate and flat white.

Quail eggs & grapes salad. Love the light dressing. Small portion but great for a light dinner. I think you might need a bottle of water right now- in case you're thirsty after staring at the pictures ;p

All photos by me



  1. Omg this looks like such aa lovely, chill place.

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. It indeed is! Thanks a lot, Amy! ;))

  2. Mmmm all of this food looks amazing!

    Rachel xxx

    1. Glad you find it amazing! Thanks a lot, Rachel ;))


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