08 July 2016

Nail Polish Collection

It's interesting to explore other people's hobby of collecting their own favourite articles. We all have various interests and pastimes that are dear to our hearts, which either are the reminiscences of our past or the enjoyment found in collecting. I am no exception to this obsession of collecting things that I'm fond of. My collection practices has turned into a hobby since I was in primary school. During school holidays, my mom would ask me to wet and dry old stamps and keep them in an album, which I dislike, but I get hang of it and started collecting stickers, earrings and... now nail polishes. I'm not a big fan of painting my nails but I love collecting them. I only pull them out for special festivities or events or when I'm bored. Here's to my mini collection of nail polishes:-

Revlon Nail Enamel 730 Valentine & 590 Wendy- Valentine is a bright, mysterious pop of red colour and Wendy is a teal, turquoise colour. I was recommended these by my best friend raving about how amazing the pigment and long-lasting effect on the nails. These were super affordable for drugstore dupes. I have to say these are my top favourite nail polishes of all for the longest time. The application is easy and glides on smoothly and also covers up the entire nail in the first application. You don't have to go for a second coat unless you want them to last longer. One basically lasts about 1-2 weeks depending on how much you get contact with water. The only downside is that you have to wait a little longer for the polish to dry up as the liquid consistency is thick, but I guess waiting isn't a huge problem, at least for me haha. 

Ciaté Paint Pots & Caviar Pearls- I got these in a set gifted by my BFs. The paints on the left is in teal colour and colourful pearls in the other pot. These were still unopened but I'd tried similar pots before in store. I could not tell how well the pearls could stay on nails but the pots were great. The formula may not be as thick as Revlon ones, but this not only colours the nails. I couldn't even tell if I'm applying any polish on, they're breathable. One application is quite satisfying if you prefer a lighter shade with a slight see-through effect. However, I prefer two coats for the colour to pop up. This polish is quick to dry- which solves the problem if you're busy.

Elianto Nail Colour- On the left is in Pure Black and the right is in Chilli Red. These polishes were more liquidy than the other two above. The coverage of these were good if you apply two coats or more. The downside of these were the slightly low pigmentation of colour. Other than that, these were a value buy. They doesn't clump like those with thicker pigment nail polishes. I really love the colour and they lasts about 1-2 weeks as well. 

The Face Shop Nail Polishes- Left: Cotton Yellow; Right: Soft Pink colour. The formula of these were the same as Elianto ones. They were really liquidy and application of two coats or more for a opaque, glossy pigments. I'll have to say bright colour is harder to apply onto nails than darker colour as the colour is not always consistent on every application. However, it depends on your own preference. These were slightly pricier than Elianto, but still affordable. 

Tony Moly- Needless to say, these nail colours were amazingly beautiful. From the left-bright coral red; middle- teal/turquoise blue; on the right- white. The consistency of the liquid is similar to The Face Shop and Elianto. I realise Korean nail products have almost the same consistency, where two coats or more will be needed to completely cover up the entire nails. Two coats lasts for about 2 weeks or so. These were on the pricier side for such light pigments. However, I genuinely love the colours.

JEU Nail Colour- A base and top coat/ clear coat polishes. As written on the bottle, it does dry quickly even with just one coat. Amazingly great pigmentation, it does not get clumpy when apply. Works really well with any top colour polishes or on its own to prevent any scratch on nails. If you're busy or lazy to try too hard on painting your nails, you might want to consider this. 

All photos by me


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