12 August 2016

Blue Team

Finally I'm back on track with uploading my photos on Friday. Finally I can distress again. Finally I can get back to my workout routine. Finally I can sleep before 11 pm. FINALLY. Sent in my final assignment for this semester early this afternoon and I felt so free to be able to sit back, relax and browse through my inspiration board a.k.a weheartit and tumblr. I know some of you might be yelling, "Get a nap or hang out somewhere!!" Honestly at some days, social media is my closest friend when I need to distress myself for free haha. The tension of the week had gone in a puff and now my attention drew towards organising my work desk (the worst mess you could ever imagine), selling pre-loved piles of clothes, practicing painting & drawing and reading more. This week I'd listened to mostly 90's and early 2000's tracks. They reminded me of the early young days when I was still in primary/secondary school. It was refreshing to listen to old tracks that recalled the past memories- a little throwback Friday. For this look, I styled a boho bandana and tribal necklace with my denim-black outfit for a cool oldies look. Screams for Friday! (Y)

Wearing: Google tank top, Uniqlo jacket, Calliope head bandana

All photos by Phoe


  1. I love the whole look. I like how it has an old school feel to it with an edge :)

    1. Glad you like it!! Thank you so much ;))


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