26 August 2016

July/August Photo Diary | 2016

I apologize for another non-fashion related post but trust me, I'll post a styling portion next week. This week had been a rainy week, there's barely any sunlight and I had to postpone my shoot. Hopefully the weather gets better next week. For now, I'll be sharing loads of img from the month of July and August. I was really impatient to share these photos but I had to wait for the dual-monthly diary to post this. Hope you're excited to see these pictures as much as I did! Happy scrolling x

End Of June
I believe it was end of June that I had a spontaneous dinner with an American lecturer with a bunch of course mates and lecturers. I mentioned my day in one of my previous post.

Rainy Day 
I was window shopping with family when all of a sudden, the rain poured heavily. Obviously, we were trapped in a mall, having nothing else to do but to have a light post-lunch. Not to mention, the queue line of the sushi outlet was super long- we waited for freaking 1/2 hour to reach our turn. Anyways, it's a cold day and it was worth to have a cup of green tea. 

Unexpected Shopping Trip 
I couldn't exactly remember what we went shopping for... oh we went to buy my sis's room decors. I stumbled across a book that I'd been eyeing for quite sometime but sadly enough, I forgot to bring my member card. Then, we came to this huge furniture shop that sells tons and tons of home pieces and decors. I was super obsessed with every piece in there- only if I could buy the whole shop! I didn't managed to snap lots of footage as I was too engrossed in touching and mesmerising all the pieces. I thought it would still worth while to share a few...

 Sarawak Independence Day Family Outing
This year, I set on the right track of celebrating our independence holiday for the first time by visiting Magherita Fort and Orchid Garden. The Fort basically is a defence building during the British time in battling the wars. This place reflects the colonial periods and our independence. We proceeded to the orchid garden nearby. You could tell from the pictures how much I'd "wow" at all the plants. The outer area of the garden were filled with tall and gigantic plants and lots of cute potted plants in the green house. It's been therapeutic to be in the garden and I can't wait for the next trip to explore more. 


Orchid Garden

Food Of The Month
Hot pot noodles are one of my favourite dish on a cold day. It's been raining constantly throughout the month and this bowl brings warmth and satisfaction to my appetite. Oh, I had one more favourite food that is not included. I might feature that the following months, hopefully.

Mini Photography Session
I love brown/yellow toned pictures. They reminded me of a feeling that even I, myself couldn't understand but I'm confident to say that brown tone has a soothing effects. I thought I shot a few images and edited them. Here's the end product:

I hope you enjoyed this lengthy post, nevertheless! Happy Weekend x

All photos edited and snapped by yours truly.


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