03 August 2016

Let Me Be In Vogue

"Where have you been?" is a question I should be asking myself after disappearing from the blogging sphere for 2 weeks. I hate to say that I should put my assignments as a first priority before blogging, but the circumstances of my workload doesn't allow me to spare any time on my blog. Currently most of my tasks are completed and handed in, aside from two more assignments and one exam. I may sound like an old woman nagging about the same topic over and over again, but I hope I do not bore you in any way. Nevertheless, I'm utterly excited to be back here and share with you another styling post! My current styling updates: I'm constantly looking inside my wardrobe and wanting to style more looks with all the pieces that I seldom reach to on normal days. This look is inspired by 60s and 70s fashion, which I adore a lot. This is a modern twist of the past fashion that still looks elegant and sexy enough to be in Vogue. Oh, the loop earrings and socks are my childhood obsession and I still keep 'em until these days. Have a fantastic week! ;)

Wearing: F21 crop top, old loop rings, Uniqlo skirt, vintage high neck top & kitten heels

All photos by Phoe


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