06 October 2016

Effective Medicated Plaster | Review

 It took me ages to sit down chit-chatting about beauty bits and bobs. I genuinely love to share my beauty tips/experience with you but I don't understand why I don't write enough about it. One bit that I'm not confident enough to continue is that I get less feedback on whether if my post is helpful or not. Nevertheless, I thought I'll share with you all on this overdue beauty post on Takahi Hot plaster that I had been using for at least a year now. 

This plaster is neither for face nor sensitive parts of the body. Other parts of the body such as legs, hands, necks, as drawn in the diagram above are preferable to apply the plaster as these areas are more prone to muscle ache/pain. This plaster is super spicy as drawn and listed in the visual above. The spiciness is indeed unbearable if spicy isn't your thing. Only if I can jump out from this virtual world to your room to test it out. Nonetheless, I find this plaster a life-changing product to heal any muscle pain or cramps in a few nights. It slowly heats up and absorbs into your skin to your affected areas. I even applied this to my neck after I strained my neck from a bad sleep and it does miracle the next day. I didn't find it hot at all and I bear it quite well unlike my mom who couldn't sleep after applying the plaster. It totally depends on how susceptible or sensitive your skin is to spicy medication. The application is super simple whereby you only have to tear away the plastic attached to the plaster and paste it to the affected area on your body. I didn't encounter any side effect after using this so I could say this is a safe physical medication to use. This cost only 2++ ringgit for a box which is super affordable. I'd tried different types of plaster out there in the market but nothing worked wonders compared to this Takahi hot plaster. I highly recommend this for those who still struggle to recover from muscle ache. Honestly, this a product worth to purchase for an effective result afterwards- though if it's too spicy.

All photos by yours truly.


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