22 October 2016

Waffle Ruffles

Yet another week that ends with another blog post. Rather than babbling about my typical uni life, I thought I'd share my favourite fashion styles at the moment, oh maybe I should do a post of my current favourite piece, and without further nonsense I shall begin my first favourite- ruffles EVERYTHING. Ruffled detailing (I mean the type of ruffles at the end of your sleeves) on clothing pieces and even shoes have been a huge trend and loved by a lot of people. I was attracted to ruffles because of its elegancy in a simple outfit and it elongates the arms. Ruffles totally screams victorian styles a lot and they look even better these days with the modern touch in terms of fabric material and colours. Ruffles come in different lengths and sizes, which will always has something for anyone's wardrobe. This victorian style carries that high classic look that you will want to put on a crown to compliment it. For my look, I had on short ruffles on my long-sleeved romper that looks put together without pairing too much garments. I thought this can be a lazy outfit too :P

Stay tune for my duo monthly photo diary next week as I'll be bombarding your device screen with all the weird, happy happenings that I'd encountered. I'm so blessed to enjoy a few things that I'd never experience before and I hope you're blessed by reading my blog. Have a blessed weekend! Stay weird, be you x
Wearing: Cotton On romper, DIY denim choker

All photos by Phoe


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