30 October 2016

Sept/Oct Photo Diary | 2016

This time around I have a HUGE puke-like image diary. When I put caps in my word, you know that you'll have trouble handling the endless scrolling activity on my feed and you might even skip this off. I'm officially announcing that my random, unnecessary and shameful stories will be exposed soon and hope you keep up with me, still. Till then, have a fantastic weekend ;)
*I'll always post some sneak peak of these pictures beforehand on stories on Instagram a.k.a self promo*

Kuching Food Festival
It's a shame that I included posts that happened in the month of August. Still, I thought these photos were worthy to share. I never thought of going to food festival this year as to avoid the jam, the crowd and the heat. Nevertheless, after much persuasion from my sis, I ended up going there and I thought the pictures below might worth the trip anyways aside from the food.

 The Farm's Bistro
My dad surprised us to this cafe on his birthday which I thought was quite unfair to him since it's his special day. Nonetheless, the happiness we shared are worth more than the surprise. This place had a cozy and calm ambient which I really enjoyed. Not to mention the architecture of the place was bomb. They served large portion of food and I successfully indulged the entire plate of salad, believed it or not.

 Street Art (Murals)
I was constantly wondering where all these murals exist as they're all over my insta feeds and I had no clue where they were. I finally found it, with the legendary help from my sis and it was time to snap as much as I could. I still couldn't get over how amazing these artists were with controlling the aerosol paint. If you saw me there, you might thought that I was a restless child running here and there just to touch and look closely at the details.

 Mid-Autmn Festival 
We celebrated mooncake festival last September. I was super excited to taste assorted flavours and textures of mooncakes. I couldn't bear the sweetness as much as some people did but these cakes were still one of my favourite desserts especially the traditional black beans. Oh, not to forget brew a pot of chrysanthemum tea to savour the cakes in the most majestic manner.

Wedding Ceremony
It was my pleasure to witness a wedding vow session of a couple from my church. I had enriching moments of learning to appreciate people in my life and love is the best thing in the world, wasn't it? Congratulations to them once again.

 Impromptu Cinema Night Out
We got free tickets to watch a short Christian-based story film and this was an opportunity to escape from reality for a little while. Although we had to sit at the most front seat, but I got a better view of the interview of all the casts(almost). A simple movie to end the night.

Field Trip To State Library
What an opportunity to visit the state library+free lunch. I never stepped into the library before and my first impression was W(O.O)W . I sounded as if I'm living in the pit but trust me, I could stay inside the whole day. The architecture was amazing and worth mesmerising for a few hours.

Food outlet
Food outlet that had done quite a great job so far are Beyond Veggie and Sushi King. Typical food area to hangout but I thought they worth a little shoutout since the presentation of the food were too cute not to take a pic. 

Local Delicacies
I promised you guys in my previous diary that I'll post my favourite local dish and I did! The first photo below was what I mentioned before. I couldn't remember what it was called but I'll insert the name once I find out. The second pic was the so called "barley shaved ice" or "ngor mee tng". I might be wrong with the pronunciation but that was what I basically had if the heat was too much. The last pic was a cantonese style noodle (don't quote me on this, I might be wrong). 

I finally did an apple pie and they tasted absolute divine. I might bake another one soon. The second pic is basically an udon noodle bowl. Initially this noodle was popular among Japanese(obviously this noodle is from Japan) and I thought I made a twist to the original recipe by putting in local ingredients.

Food products that fascinate me
Juices in cartoons that is up my alley- VeGood. They indeed taste amazing. Another great food obsession of mine is mashed potatoes. If you ask my fam, they'll tell you I eat potatoes more than any other food in buffet. Mashed potatoes are my comfort food. They taste the best, in my opinion. TMI, I just ate one potato bowl yesterday. If you're looking for mini appetising desserts/snacks like chicken pie or mini burgers, Aloha bakery has one of the best bakes in town. Last but not least, crispy corn all the way from Peru is the best corn snacks I'd ever tried. I missed them a lot. 

 Sanga Japanese Restaurant 
An affordable and pleasing Japanese food outlet. They have lots of variety of Japanese food to choose from. I thought their Japanese food has a mix of Korean food as well because of the kimchi. Nonetheless, this place is amazing for those sushi craze out there.

Volunteering At KAA
Visited KAA the other day to help around as part of our society work. They painted amazing artwork and it had been a well spent day with all my course-mates.

Weird Interesting Thang
This signboard convinced me that toilet is the fanciest section of a building. 

Field Trip To Art Gallery

Mini Photography Corner
Do enjoy the aesthetic of my artwork though they're not the best ;)


If you scroll down this far, I love you and I want to thank you for appreciating my random weirdness. You might count how many times I had said the word "worth". I think a zillion times.

All photos by yours truly



  1. This is a lovely post. Glad that you can express yourself with these cool shots :D

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    1. Ahh thank you so much for taking the time to read!! You're awesome, Joyce ;D


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