16 October 2016

Tee Time

As you might or might not be aware that two of my previous outfit posts fall short of my short ramble. I was uninspired to write and restricted from all the shortcoming and happening during that period of time. I questioned my own ability to write. I thought that I was not good enough to write after I got a not-so-good review of my skills from my english composition class. I thought of improving my writing skills through reading lots of books but that doesn't change until my devotion time yesterday. I couldn't emphasise enough how important our mind is as a helper in aiding our actions-which in my case, to read more books. I kept demotivating myself in asking doubtful questions about my capability. I realised I should be saying "nothing is impossible" more often than doubting myself, then my readings will be effective. That idea brought me to sit down at this time (when you're reading this) and type a short message to you. I hope this helps any of you who had fallen into slump like me and eager to climb out of it. Set your mind right and you'll be on the right track.
I was thinking of other options to wear this skirt other than with just a plain basic top. I was inspired by an instagrammer who wore a leopard print skirt with a band tee. I thought I make a twist with my polka skirt with a cute graphic tee. This is the final product and hope you enjoy it x

Wearing: second hand pleated skirt, Cotton On shirt

All photos by Phoe


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