01 January 2017

Nov/Dec Photo Diary | 2016

Photo diarrhoea for the month of November and December- two of my favourite months of the year. Happy scrolling & Happy 2017! 😁

 End Of October
Guess what I used to paint my nails. I used the remaining of the shiny wallpaper for our projects and stick them to my nails. Waste not, want not. LOL.

Vintage-looking lamp. I have to have this picture in my post. 

Experiment of the day. 

Favourite soft candy of all times. Had these when I was a child.

KAISON is early this year in bringing in all the Christmas decorations. Love, love, love their shop a lot. Oh, most of their stuffs were gone within few days. *puff*

These were my mom's picture but I thought they look cool enough to be featured in my post.

Early November
Random snaps without any intentions.

This look aesthetic, doesn't it?

Pre-Birthday Dinner W/ Fam
I had an amazing dinner with my family on a day before my birthday. The dishes ordered taste amazing and even got a discount for the entire meal- just because they calculate the price of the spaghetti wrongly. 

My Day
I called this day, "My Day" not because I'm selfish but I thought I'm treated extravagance like a royalty. I mean when my lecturer wrote "Birthday Girl" on my homework sheet, college cliques singing "Happy Birthday" when I opened the classroom, heart balloons all over my desk and wall, people randomly wished me, opened present from my BFF & family, surprised gift from and amazing lunch with college friends, dinner with family; these were the moments that happened right in front of my eyes that I felt so heartwarming and blessed. These moments were not in any of the photos but in my heart I'll cherish them forever. It's funny how we all wanted and wished for a day to commemorate our birth when the actual fact is that we were born on that second of time and should waited for that second to pass, then wish ourself "Happy Birthday". Weird thoughts but I'll just throw it out there anyways. 

When I see something with my initial, since it's very rare to find, I'll grab it and look at it for the longest time. Plus, I'm superbly obsessed with bombers currently and my soul has been sold by it. Though I still couldn't afford it right now, I thought a picture will be worth to keep.

Kamalau- special occurrence of the moon. I saw two rainbow rings surrounding the moon on the night of my birthday. 

Earthlings Cafe
Ahh that's why November is a beautiful month for me. I get to celebrate two birthdays in a month. My sister and I went in to this cafe and bought a piece of cake as a surprise for my mom. It took us so long to wait for them to package the cake and I thought I'll just snap a few pics from here since the christmas decorations were up.

Miao Cafe
We had an amazing dinner at this cafe with homemade style of set meal. They tasted amazing especially the fish, though the price is not so decent for a few of their dishes that comes with small amount.

Thai Food W/ Aunt Elizabeth
Had a final night with my mom's friend before flying off to Holand. This was my first Thai food ever and I love the taste of the spices they used in their dishes. The stand out dishes are Thai Tom Yam soup, Green Curry, Thai cold dish, Thai style vegetables and their desserts. We also took pictures of the LED christmas tree with her. What a night.

Let's talk about food. 
Avocado, my new favourite food when I have no food.

A cup of green tea latte on a cold night. *bruhh*

I don't know if macaroni cheese and rendang is the best combo, but they taste great together, nonetheless. 

My sis splurge on this yogurt ice-cream that has milk in them-which I thought yogurt never contains milk. Sorry, I'm milk intolerant. 

Kid's favourite, teenager's favourite, forever a favourite. Seaweed junk food is the best. Not junk, really. They're healthy, aren't they.

Instagram story

Beef rice bowl before my presentation. 

First Bake
First attempt on baking gingerbread man. They look and taste goof, good.

Christmas Eve Dinner
My very first attempt on preparing dinner for my family. I had lots of fun preparing food for my family and all the food turnt out to be successful and my family loved them, which was the most important thing of all. Oh, I even decorate the food table set up. Amazing, amazing night. 

Christmas Day
Gingerbread and candy canes are what I've been waiting for on Christmas Day. I had an amazing morning attending the church and finding my Christmas stockings. I ate a lot on Christmas Day- highlights of the day- jokes. 

Bits & Bops
I posted too many pictures already but I thought I'll add these 2 pics in this, still. 

All photos by yours truly.


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