18 February 2017

How To Wear Basic In School

Since I have not much to talk, so I'll share about my top 3 usual uni/college clothing staple (the title is just a joke, get me?).

 i. Jeans. No matter how much I want to put in effort or not in a look, jeans are a must to achieve any cool look- especially in the rush at 8a.m.. Frayed, cropped, flared, ripped, high waisted, medium waisted, embroidered, patched, two-toned, basic, mom, boyfriend etc styles of denim to choose from and I can't have enough of them tbh. ii. Basic t-shirts. For some reason, I keep on choosing graphic over basic when I'm shopping. When I look at my wardrobe before going to classes, my eyes tend to gravitate toward basics over graphic which is totally opposite to what I look for when shopping. Lesson of the day: buy more basics, trust me. iii. Comfy Socks. Fishnets socks are cool but they can be a lil uncomfortable at times. I love wearing socks to school everyday, I mean cool socks. Buy as many socks as you like to spice up your look. You'll be that 90s girl next door that escape the realm of norm. I think any type of style will look amazing with just a pair of socks. Hope this cheers and warms your heart. Have the coolest weekend! x
Wearing: denim&co from LOL culottes, Calliope t-shirt, DIY chokers
All photos by Phoe


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