10 February 2017

Lunar x Valentine

Te colour orange has become my current obsession (and peach, uh). My asian, yellow skin tone may not suit orange that well but I'll still rock it anyway. I do firmly believe that all skin tone suits any colour that the world has to offer. It's all about how you wear it. In my case, I have the fear of using pink/orangy lip products (trust me, I look at myself and feel the ugliest) but that thought doesn't stop me from trying. "Oh hey I can mix match this pink lipstick with a gloss or other colour" is the kind of mindset that we all should own before judging ourself harshly. Others may hate the way you look with a pink lipstick, but if you feel comfortable with it, keep doing it. If you're uncomfortable, stop doing it. No one can steal your happiness and satisfaction of doing what you love unless you break the law. You know your own boundaries and limitations. Please yourself, not others. In the coming Valentine's Day, remember to love yourself first before others and God loves you. L.O.L x

Wearing: Dorothy Perkins midi dress, dad's boots
All photos by Phoe



  1. Love your dress you look gorgeous! :)
    Please visit my Blog!


    Alessa Bernal.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Alessa!! You look bomb too ;))
      Will stop by ur amazing blog x


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