25 February 2017

Pink Movement

Pink is a beautiful tone of colour that comes with many shades and hues. I especially love baby pink because the light shade soothes my view. I grew up wearing pink clothes; hated pink in secondary school and loved it at 20. I am not expert in colours but I think loving a colour has to do with the evolution of how we perceive things that we see. I used to only see pink as those bright, concentrated colour that glows straight in the face. Now that I'm aware of the soft shades of pink, I love them as much as I love black. As I begin to find inspiration on styling pink articles, I come up with this ootd of a mix of girly and casual style. I wore this outfit out on V day and they're the comfiest outfit with maximum cuteness. I spice up the look with popping pom pom earrings and black choker. Hope this inspires you in some ways. Happy Weekend! x

Wearing: H&M blouse, DIY choker & pom pom earrings
Photos by Phoe


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