04 February 2017


Lunar New Year had gone by very quickly and I'll be starting school again next week. Busy as a bee, I found myself to be very productive during the festive season. What I did was baking, preparing food, visiting relatives and friends-which ended up in an eating coma till I neglect this blog for a week. Not complaining because talking and listening(and eating) with people is the best way to reconnect the bond with them. I'll be posting my new year outfit soon *fingers cross* once I'm recovered from my bloated stomach. For the time being, I hope this black-white outfit will bring you back to 2004 when everyone wears two-layered shirt to show they're the emo-cool gal/boy down the street. Loving this trend atm. Cheers weekend! x

Wearing: Hard Rock merch, Scarlet pants, white Chucks
All photos by Phoe


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