21 April 2017


I had been dealing with stress and anxiety for the past 2 weeks due to my assignments. I was the kind of girl who strived hard to achieve good outcome so to not to disappoint my family, especially my parents who had worked hard to send me for higher education. I never want to let anyone down, basically. I wasn't dealing my work really well because of people that cooperated less with me- or maybe I was just not doing well enough. Perhaps I was putting too much trust on a person that I barely knew. I didn't understand how some people can use their inefficiency to ruin other's hard work. Lesson of the day: If possible, do everything you can by yourself because some people are just going to destroy it and you looses out, not them. I realised I understand Ed Sheeran's song, Save Myself better now. Moving on to the outfit portion of this post, I wore this look to college except for the hat, choker, sunglasses and purse. I was glad that I found this wrap skirt from my mom's wardrobe. I love the fit of it and I styled it into a sporty, festival look.


Wearing: Cheetah kid's t-shirt, Mahuis choker, Cotton On hat
All photos by Phoe


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