02 June 2017

Prim & Proper (Slip On)

This outfit post is dedicated to those who wants to go to a party without looking overly elegant. Over-dressing can be really easy as we want to look as the best version of ourselves but being the limelight for the night can be a problem (imagine if you dress bolder than the bride or birthday girl, you'll be in trouble ). You are the audience, so be a good girl and rock your outfit in the most subtle fun way possible. Coincidentally, my best friends and I wore slips without any hint or anything on their birthdays last week and it was the most amazing feeling to be able to think the same thing although we'd not met for months. This slip dress can look bold and classy if wear on its own. I paired it with a white t-shirt to turn it to an outfit that looks more casual without outshining anyone important. Add a pair of DIY, modern twist choker to give a slight posh look and your not-so-elegant not-so-casual outfit is achieved! Have an amazing week/holiday(for me) and see you soon :)

Wearing: reject t-shirt, Mango slips, DIY choker
All photos by Phoe


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