08 July 2017

May/June Photo Diary | 2017

This dual-monthly entry contains tons of food pictures that are raw and unedited. Life should be unfiltered at times to refresh the mind for new inspirations. Hope this entry is a joy and inspiration to you all. 

Events that are individually meaningful to me :)

This is my very first lunch date with my sis after class ;*

Black bean rice ice-cream is the best i-scream I've ever tasted.

Biggest Toblerone chocolate I've seen + this contains coconut (my fave)

Nothing beats a home bake comfort food (mouthful)- banana cake-bread (what people described my banana cake as)

When you get a free energy drink but you don't drink energy drinks- take a picture and pass it to someone who drinks

Mr. Potato sweet potato chips are a new evolution of typical potato chips. They taste nothing like the normal chips. Sweet.

Buttery, soft and crispy. Can't thank my sis enough for this amazing croissant from Madeleine.

Good old favourites.

You know this is a blessing when you get a free card to get these Starbucks drinks. Thank God.

Sanga Restaurant
We visited this restaurant for the second time sin celebration of Mother's Day since we enjoyed our first visit. They served my mom as a little gratitude gift on the special occasion. The dishes were amazing per usual and those food that stood out to me most were kimchi fried rice and the sushi platter. Oh, this restaurant serve a fusion of Japanese and Korean delicacy like kimchi and ramen. 

Timber Exhibition
I am constantly intrigued in anticipating new interior designs especially when they are locally designed and made. This expo happens annually and each year it brings new excitement and bewilderment. Although some of the designs are recreated from the previous years, but still, they are worth to amaze at. Can you believe the furnitures in two pictures below are made of bamboo?
This is _______ (ART).

Lab session
Science lessons ain't that bad when you have hands-on experiments to try on *wink*

Fashion Inspiration
Colour inspiration. My current favourite colours are red and yellow.
Denim is the new colour.

Sukha Cafe
A quirky cafe that serves quirky menus. I never heard of chicken wafer before and I believe this is the only place that serves chicken with wafers. Surprisingly, the combination of chicken and wafer are a perfect match. They taste weirdly satisfying. We got a free banana cake with ice-cream topping in celebration of Father's Day (what a strike). A definite recommendation if you want to try unique menu that comes in a huge portion. 

ChinoThai Restaurant
Crave for seafood and spicy food. 

A Field Trip to SCV
A field trip with classmates to complete our project. The view on our way there and vice versa are mesmerising.

Matang Wildlife Centre
Admission fee: RM10. Amazing wildlife centre if you want to have a family trip or educational trip with children. There are different species of animals available to watch. There are hikes (which I don't recommend-do read my previous blog entry) and picnic spots for further enjoyment after the 1/2 hour animal trail. Do read the signboards for warnings of the do's and don'ts. 
Deer: Spot me!
Monkey: Hey there 
Orang Utan: Look at me. I exist!
Playground for the sunbears (too bad the sunbears are still sleeping)

Serapi Coconut Milkshake
The best coconut shake ever. Looks unappetising but they taste divine. Craving for one now. 

All photos by yours truly

If you make it thus far, a zillion thank you to you who put so much passion and interest in reading my story. THANK YOU. Have an extraordinary weekend! x

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