05 December 2014

Floral Shots

Found out this baronial corner full of greenish plants which coordinates well with the sky blue wall. I thought I might as well snap some pictures with those vertically-grown plants- which I'm still figuring out the name of the plants, comment below if you know it merci! I didn't plan to dress that way since I was accompanying my sister for an exam. As far as I remembered from the pictures I'd seen on tumblr, the background suited a photography of a hippie-styled girl with the entire outfit in black and a matching dark red lips which was a contrast to what I wore that day. Not to waste my opportunity to shoot with nature( whilst the uncertainty feeling of the mismatched outfit with the background ), I tried a few shots and it came out the effect that I'd wanted. Would be better if I had a black hat that time! For now, I'm still mixing and matching my wardrobe hehe

Wearing G&H floral dress,  JEEP shoes

All photos by Phoe


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