01 July 2016

Fine Dine

Today is officially the first day of July and a week of holiday. Being so occupied with uni and external errands that I felt as if I had not done much in the first half of the year. Life moves on even if we felt like pausing for a moment. I learnt it was important to grasp and embrace every moment, no matter good or bad, while moving a step forward. Future is always unexpected and surprising, beyond everyone's understanding. Going to a gathering with people I less known of is a challenge especially whether I should speak soon or never. Never do I dislike meeting new people, but new faces gives me the anxiety to act appropriately. It is one thing that I'm overcoming slowly. Anyways, I'm utterly grateful for such opportunity to be spontaneous and have fun naturally. On the other hand, I had many fresh ideas and content to post on this site. Hope you'll stick around soon for that! *Oh culottes are my current favourite styling piece-they have the sense of formality and fun at once depending on the ways to style them. On top of that, these pants are the comfiest and accentuates your bottom half. And I have been wearing them non-stop with my black boots.* Happy Weekend ;)

Wearing: Cotton On hat, DIY choker, Uniqlo shirt, Spree culottes

All photos by Phoe


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