01 April 2017


I had always been enjoying posting and sharing my creativity on this platform but I somehow went off wondering if I should be involving in other activities. Sitting down here, pouring out my thoughts may not be the solution. Nonetheless, I wish to record my dilemma of choosing what I genuinely want to do (for reflection purposes in the future hah). I love writing (but I still lack of expression when writing), taking pictures, editing, trying out new styles/products- basically letting my creative juices flow. I put too much effort in deciding whether or not to participate in activity that has similar prospect as writing a blog, which end up draining my energy from posting online and procrastinate when I should be doing my assignment. My indecisiveness gives me the anxiety and sleepless nights thinking what I should do next. I thank God He affirms that decision through my conscience and peacefulness of my heart. Bye to messy thoughts, and hello to confidence. I decided to choose this blog over anything else as I see my self-growth spurting through this and this is what I love in the beginning. Listen to your heart, because they really speaks of what you have to do. I listen to it, hope you are too. Happy April Fools!

Wearing: Uniqlo jacket, Cotton On shirt, Converse/Chucks
All photos by Phoe


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