15 May 2017

Nivea Fruity Shine Balm | Review

I had considered this lip balm to be reviewed after a week of using it but instead I waited for a year to do so. The pictures inserted looked clean and new as I shoot them before they get unpleasant and ugly. Without rambling too much, I'll be reviewing the Nivea Fruity Shine lip balm in Strawberry flavour.


Packaging: Even though there's nothing extravaganza or unique about the casing and design printed, but the plastic container is in pretty good quality and sturdy. It's easy to twist up and down the product (which is a major issue sometimes). The most important thing about a lip balm is the closure of its cap. The cap clicks to seal the product in place and it locks perfectly without loosing itself from the container, considering the price tag.

Product: Easy to find in any drugstore. There are tiny, fine glitters in the lip balm but the glitters are not visible after application. I love that this balm is tinted as well. The flavour that I have is strawberry, which represents red colour. The colour of the products runs true to its packaging. For other flavour like cherry, the packaging is in dark red colour, and the product is in dark red as well. It works well as a lip balm in moisturising the lips. Even when I have crack lips, this lip balm does the job of smoothing my lips. I mean its not the best or super long lasting lip balm in locking my lips moisture, but it does help in concealing my crack lips for a period of time. Constant reapplication will maximise the effectiveness of the lip balm (if you desperately need to cure your lips asap). It also gives a slight tint of colour to my lips. Especially in the morning, my lips are pale. This balm brings some colour to my lips and it looks natural on my lips. This product also taste like strawberry as stated.

Country of Origin: Germany

Quantity: I apply this balm almost everyday before school. It lasted almost a year now and it's still halfway through. In my opinion, this product is worth the price. 

Longevity: Last for an hour depending on the usage. If there's no contact with food and water, it probably lasts about an hour. If not, it will fade once you eat or drink. I recommend to reapply after every food or drink, especially if you have chap lips. 

I highly recommend Nivea's lip balm because of the effectiveness to cure crack lips and the price range is for everyone. This is one of the best drugstore lip balm I've used so far. 

All photos by yours truly 


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